Opening Keynote

Conversation Between Nikole Hannah-Jones & Lindsay Cronk, CORE President

Side by side portraits of Nikole Hannah-Jones and Lindsay Cronk
In this dialogue, Nikole Hannah Jones and Lindsay Cronk will explore the importance of access to knowledge, the value of critical consideration and reinterpretation, the connections between knowledge creators and library workers, and the need to challenge censorship and false neutrality claims.

Saturday Closing Speaker

Jonathan Moody – “See the Change”

Jonathan Moody headshot
Libraries are one of the best examples of how buildings can function as a community resource. They’re part of our social infrastructure and provide access to resources. When we build libraries, we’re making an investment that shows what we value. Part of the job of an architect is to ensure that investment lasts. We have witnessed this past year the speed at which change can happen and the changing diversity of communities we serve with libraries forces us to constantly re-examine ideas of flexibility and reflection. We must consider flexibility in how we can think today about future challenges and physical adaptability of buildings. We must consider reflection as both a place where people where people can reflect on what is happening in their community, but also the ways that buildings reflect their communities. We know that when people feel a space is for them, they are more likely to use it. Through the design and construction process, we can find opportunities for changing communities to see themselves in libraries. Through this process, we see how people can be empowered to make change.