What is “Cataloging”? Job Titles and Duties in the Past, Now, and What it Means for the Future of the Field

Like many library jobs, cataloging job titles and duties have changed significantly over time. Catalogers and leaders might notice cataloging is being rolled into other positions, being outsourced on a more regular basis, or in some cases even being eliminated. An analysis of job postings from the past shows a need for cataloging still exists at libraries. The skillsets required have become both more specialized, and also more all-encompassing, depending on each library’s needs.

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Oct 21 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am




  • Leah N. Gentry
    Leah N. Gentry
    E-Resources Cataloging Librarian, UW-Madison

    Leah N. Gentry graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Master of Library and Information Science degree. She has ten years of experience as a cataloger, both in academic and public libraries. During her career, she has served as a Lead Technical Services Librarian, where she managed all aspects of the department. She also designed and taught courses in collection development and cataloging for many years, and is now an electronic resources cataloger at UW-Madison.
    During her transition to e-resources, she noticed a change in job titles and duties found in job postings. She knows the job market for a field can be a strong indicator of the actual changes happening in that field, and knew it was worth exploring more in depth.
    When Leah’s not cataloging (or analyzing job postings), she enjoys spending time with her dog Archer, going to comic cons, and playing board games.