Using Partnerships to Develop Homegrown VR and AR Content

In 2022, we reached out to King Crow Studios a Virtual reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) content developer that has worked with petrochemical plants in Louisiana to develop content for us. Over the past year we have developed a way to be virtually badged at our downtown library’s Recording Studio. Soon we will make this available to the public and would love to detail our process to CORE members. By October this part of the project should be available and the next iteration of VR/AR content development will begin. The next projects include developing Augmented reality overlap to tie into Baton Rouge history and badging classes for more makerspace equipment.

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Oct 20 2023


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm




  • Adam St. Pierre
    Adam St. Pierre
    STEM Librarian, East Baton Rouge Parish Library

    Adam St. Pierre is a high energy STEM Librarian at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. He has spent significant time in research and exploration of emerging technology and considers Community Created eXtended Reality (XR) content to be a useful tool for equitable access to technology. As an example of his passion for bringing maker tools and technology to the community he opened 3 makerspaces in three years in the East Baton Rouge Parish Library system. Recently he partnered with LSU Cain Center to bring hands on DIY Skills to Single Moms.
    When not absolutely crushing it in the library world, he enjoys Yoga and Rock Climbing. That rock climbing usually happens indoors, as Louisiana has no mountains other than river levees, but someday he’ll climb a real rock! You can find him on LinkedIn where he’d love to connect about emerging technologies