The Value of Affordability: The State of the Field and How to go Deeper with Assessing Affordable Textbook Alternative Initiatives

Has your academic library helped lead initiatives to reduce or eliminate textbook costs for students at your institution, or does it hope to in the future? Have you not yet begun to assess the impact of these programs, or do you think your assessment could dig deeper and uncover more meaningful insights about how these programs have helped and how they could do more? Join us in this session for a far-reaching snapshot of assessment strategies for affordable textbook alternatives across institutions, including strategies and ideas from the field for assessing more accurately and more deeply than just dollars saved.

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Oct 08 2021


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm




  • Ashley Lierman
    Ashley Lierman
    Instruction & Education Librarian, Rowan University

    Ashley Lierman is an instruction librarian and instructional designer by training, with a professional focus on ADEI and open educational resources. She has also published in the past reviewing the literature on existing textbook alternative programs and the logistics of their development.