The New and Official RDA Toolkit: A Practical Approach


Thomas Brenndorfer, Kathy Glennan, Robert L. Maxwell, Honor Moody, Melanie Polutta


Laptop Required

The program will combine presentations with hands-on practice sessions and help participants to have both a comprehensive understanding of RDA and a hands-on practice by using RDA Toolkit and related tools, including LC-PCC Policy Statements and MGD.

Topics below will be covered:

  • Background of RDA, including why we need a new version
  • Demonstrations and instruction on navigating the official RDA Toolkit
  • Description and demonstration of other tools, specifically the LC-PCC Policy Statements and Metadata Guidance Documentation
  • The hands-on session may include specific examples of different types of materials, including tangible resources and online resources, covering monograph, serial, geographic map, multimedia, etc.
  • Q&A and sharing useful guidance/tools/tips

Registration Fees

  • $119 Core Member & Utah Library Association Member
  • $149 ALA Member
  • $189 Non-Member
  • $99 Student/Retired/Seeking Employment/International

The event is finished.


Oct 13 2022


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Seminar Theater
Hilton Salt Lake City Center, 255 S W Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


  • Honor Moody
    Honor Moody
    Metadata Creation Manager, Harvard Library Information and Technical Services

    Honor Moody is the current RDA Examples Editor, and has a day job as a Metadata Creation Manager in the Harvard Library Information and Technical Services unit. Honor currently serves on the Program for Cooperative Cataloging Standing Committee on Standards, and as one of the co-conveners of the LD4 Wikibase Working Hour. Honor spent 12 years as a special collections cataloger at the Schlesinger Library (Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study), and is a long time member of the zine cataloging community.

  • Kathy Glennan
    Kathy Glennan
    Director, Cataloging & Metadata Services, University of Maryland

    Kathy Glennan currently serves as the Director of Cataloging and Metadata Services at the University of Maryland. She has over 35 years of experience cataloging scores and audio recordings, at both the University of Southern California and the University of Maryland.
    Kathy is active in the Music Library Association, the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, and ALA. She served as a liaison or voting member of ALA’s Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access for over fourteen years.
    Since 2005, Kathy’s professional contributions and scholarship have focused on the development of RDA: Resource Description and Access, with a special emphasis on music cataloging instructions. From 2013-2017, she served as the ALA Representative to the JSC (later renamed the RDA Steering Committee, or RSC). In this role, she interpreted RDA instructions, identified problems, and shepherded change proposals from ALA to improve RDA. She also contributed to the implementation of a new governance model for RDA, including the establishment of the North American RDA Committee, for which she served as a founding member in 2018. In late 2017, the RDA Board appointed her the RSC Chair-Elect; she commenced her 4-year term as RSC Chair in January 2019.
    Kathy has given numerous presentations on RDA, FRBR, LRM, and MARC Formats issues, including four ALCTS webinars relating to RDA; she also spoke during the 2017 ALCTS Exchange. She continues to speak about RDA to various professional organizations throughout the country and internationally. Many of her presentations are available via her personal web page (

  • Melanie Polutta
  • Robert L. Maxwell
  • Thomas Brenndorfer

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