How Collaboration Saved Our Sanity, or Using Communication and Relationships to Enact Change

Recent history in librarianship has glorified the rock star librarian – that person who walks in and starts a bunch of new programs or implements a wave of new and up-to-date policies. We see lists of “movers and shakers” labeled as change agents, innovators, and community builders. While these individuals have done amazing work, all too often the narrative is that you should be able to handle project planning, introduce innovative services, and enact change by yourself. Looking at these pressures, alongside the prevalence of low morale and burnout in the profession, it is no wonder we are all looking for ways to manage workplace trauma and work/life balance.

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Oct 21 2023


3:45 pm - 4:45 pm




  • Kimberly A. Edwards
    Kimberly A. Edwards
    Head, Database Integrity & Analysis, George Mason University

    Kimberley A. Edwards is the head of Database Integrity and Analysis at George Mason University Libraries. Prior to her current role she worked in the circulation and technical services departments of several college and government libraries.

  • Melanie Bopp
    Melanie Bopp
    Head, Access Services, George Mason University Libraries

    Melanie Bopp is the Head of Access Services at George Mason University, where she handles a variety of customer service and information provision challenges, working to create that link between user and information. Melanie received her MLIS from Louisiana State University in 2011.