From Stacks to Screens: Streamlining the Digitization Process of University Theses and Dissertations through Collaboration and Automation

Higher education institutions, either research or teaching universities, have theses and dissertations. With the rising popularity of institutional repositories, theses and dissertations are a naturally diverse and unique collection that highlight important aspects of university history and promote open access to scholarship. The backlogs of historical theses and dissertations are often not prioritized for digitization as it is costly and time-consuming. The workflows demonstrated in this presentation focus on cross-departmental collaboration and streamlining processes through automation, empowering smaller staffs to take on their backlogs, preserving unique institutional materials, and increasing the domain of their institutional repositories.

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Oct 20 2023


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm




  • Elaine Walker
    Scholarly Communications Librarian, The University of Alabama

    Elaine Walker is the Scholarly Communications Librarian at The University of Alabama. Elaine manages the institutional repository and is committed to advocating for open access publishing, training faculty and students on licensing and rights management, and serves as the point of contact for questions related to copyright, predatory publishers, and funding for APCs. Elaine received a BS in Professional Health Sciences from the University of South Alabama (2016) and an MLIS from the University of Southern Mississippi (2019).

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith
    Metadata Librarian, The University of Alabama

    Taylor Smith is a metadata librarian for the University of Alabama. His duties include processing records for continuing resources, evaluating catalog data for resource discovery, and managing the records for Electronic Theses and Dissertations on the catalog side. He received his MSLIS from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.