Building the Future and Ourselves: What We Have Learned About Ourselves and the Library Profession by Developing a Training Program for Underrepresented High School Students

In this presentation, we will discuss what happens after we received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to implement a job training program to help recruit underrepresented (Black/Hispanic) high school students into the library profession. We will discuss some of the challenges that we have had in starting the program and discuss how we have failed or succeeded in challenging the status quo and if we have truly been able to create an inclusive workforce for our students. We will discuss how we have reframed our thinking in an effort to successfully recruit and retain underrepresented groups.

The event is finished.


Oct 15 2022


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm




Alpine East
Hilton Salt Lake City Center, 255 S W Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


  • Elizabeth Kamper
    Elizabeth Kamper
    Information Literacy Librarian, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    Elizabeth Kamper is an Assistant Professor and the Information Literacy Librarian at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. They received their MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Throughout their education and professional work, Elizabeth has been helping students develop their information literacy skills for eight years at three institutions. They specialize in first-year student success and creating partnerships to support SIUE’s First-Year Writing Program. Elizabeth also teaching in the SIUE Honors Program.

  • Shelly McDavid
    Shelly McDavid
    Assistant Professor/Director of Access Systems and Discovery & STEM Librarian, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    Shelly McDavid is the Director for Access, Discovery & Systems, STEM Librarian, and Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  Her research areas include assessment of library data and services, evidence-based decision making and strategic planning, information literacy instruction, and STEM education.  Prior to this position, Shelly served as the Head of Access Services and Learning Commons Librarian at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.  In the past 7 years, Shelly has worked at four different STEM focused libraries engaging and imparting information literacy skills to all users. 

  • Simone Williams
    Assistant Professor/Diversity and Engagement Librarian, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    Simone Williams MA, MLIS is the Diversity and Engagement Librarian and Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She is a first-year librarian. Before her position at SIUE, she spent several years working at cultural institutions in the St. Louis metropolitan region in numerous positions. Additionally, she has an extensive history of working with students from historically underrepresented backgrounds, especially those from low-income, black, LGBTQIA+, and immigrant communities. Her research interests are Cultural Informatics and Heritage, Digital Humanities, Digital Libraries, Diversity and Social Justice, Information Access, Information Literacy, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Community Informatics.

  • Tammie Busch
    Tammie Busch
    Assistant Professor/Catalog & Metadata Librarian, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    Tammie has over twenty years of experience working in public, school, and academic libraries. She received her MLIS from the University of Missouri and her MA in History from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. She is currently the Catalog & Metadata Librarian and Supervisor of Technical Services at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

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