Budgets and funding: Where does it come from?

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Oct 21 2023


3:45 pm - 4:45 pm




  • Holly Yocom
    Holly Yocom
    Partner, Pathway Associates

    Holly is a Partner at Pathway Associates. Holly’s professional background encompasses a diverse range of experiences that have contributed significantly to her expertise in both government and nonprofit organizations. With a remarkable track record in funding major projects, she has successfully secured resources and financial support for numerous projects, both in the public and private sectors. Her astute understanding of government funding, fundraising, capital campaigns and bonds has been a valuable asset in leveraging financial opportunities to benefit community projects and library initiatives.
    Throughout her tenure as the Community Services Department Director overseeing the Salt Lake County library division and her time on the Salt Lake City library board, Holly has honed her skills in library operations, management, and community engagement. She has an innate ability to think outside the box and thrives on exploring approaches to advance library services and enrich available resources for the community.

  • Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis
    Library Architect/Planner, MSR Design

    MSR Design is at the forefront of library design having completed over 200 libraries which includes 63 awards for our library work. Jeff Davis with MSR Design has been building communities through library work for over two decades. Jeff’s body of professional and volunteer work include efforts of inclusion, equity and diversity within cultural and socio-economic diverse communities. Jeff practices a human-centered approach to community engagement that builds community ownership in the library. This SEED Certified Public Interest Design (PID) process translates community input into recognizable and tangible results of master planning, budgets, and funding coordination, all while simultaneously increasing support of library initiatives and ballot measures.

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