Book Harmony: Bringing Voices Together to Create a More Responsive Library

How can our libraries be not only student-driven but student-reflective? If our ultimate goal is comfort and confidence for every reader, then every aspect of our libraries – collection, physical design, programming, outreach – should be both responsive and proactive, a constantly evolving organism that thrives on student engagement and advocacy. Our students must know their voice has impact and the look and composition of their school library should be evidence of that.

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Oct 15 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm




  • Brooke Corso, MEd, MLS
    Brooke Corso, MEd, MLS
    Librarian, Pin Oak Middle School - Houston ISD

    Ms. Corso has been a Texas educator for fourteen years and a middle-school librarian for eight. She has a BA in English and Speech Communication from Texas A&M University and graduate degrees in Reading and Library Science from Sam Houston State University. In May 2021, she was awarded Houston ISD Librarian of the Year. Her focus is improving agency, choice, and voice in the library program for all readers, especially struggling, reluctant, and English Language learners. She is also committed to advocating for librarians and libraries in every school. In her (teensy) spare time, she is a published writer and film critic, and can talk about film for hours and hours.

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