AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification: Is It Worth It for Libraries?

As libraries take control of their software and network environments, the profession is seeing an increase in library staff with technical skills, e.g., coding, server administration, database administration, and security. It is common to work across departmental, agency, and organizational lines to access this technical expertise. However, most technical staff and contractors have little understanding of libraries, so library staff needs to guide or manage these projects. In addition, as they learn more about the library space, it is also essential for librarians to understand theirs.
Shared projects usually run on either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Both have certifications specific to their services but also provide foundational certifications for non-IT staff like administrators, business staff, and managers. Certification topics include understanding cloud services, foundational network architecture, security, pricing, core services, management, and governance.
In this session, Christine Peterson will take you through her journey in obtaining the Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner Certification. She’ll discuss reasons librarians should consider this type of certification, resources available for studying, what the exam is like, and why this could be an advantage for our profession moving into the future.

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Oct 20 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm




  • Christine Peterson
    Christine Peterson
    Consultant, Christine Peterson Consulting

    Christine Peterson is a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience in the library technology services field. Currently the principal consultant at Christine Peterson Consulting, she focuses on managing technology-based projects for libraries and educating staff on current technologies. Prior to this role, she held multiple positions at Amigos Library Services focused on open-source software implementation and technology training, including project manager and product owner.
    With a Master of Library Science from Indiana University-Bloomington and a diverse range of professional accomplishments, Christine is highly regarded in the industry. She has served in various leadership roles within organizations like NISO, ALA’s Library Information & Technology Association, and the Texas Library Association.