We are excited to celebrate the diverse and interconnected library work of Core members at the 2023 Core Forum in New Orleans! From 19-21 October we’ll engage the collective expertise of presenters and participants, facilitating thought-provoking conversations over three days of workshops, presentations, table-top exhibits, and poster sessions. In addition, attendees will have opportunities to connect with colleagues during receptions, dine-arounds, and in the unconference space.

Please use this form to submit your proposal. The submission deadline is Friday March 24, 2023. More details about topics and presentation opportunities are below.

To review, the 2023 Core Forum proposal questions, please download the questions here.

You are invited to submit a proposal for presentation in the following sections within Core:

  • Access and Equity
    • Dedicated to advocacy and equity in areas such as accessibility, copyright, dismantling systemic racism, equity of access, open access, net neutrality, privacy, and representative collections in all types of libraries. We support ALA’s lobbying efforts in these areas and provide programming and training in support of equity, diversity, and inclusion, both within the division and the profession.
  • Assessment
    • Focuses on library assessment, evaluation, and measurement regardless of type of library or activity. We emphasize the role of assessment in demonstrating the impacts of our libraries. Our work includes recommending and developing tools, methods, guidelines, standards, and policies and procedures.
  • Buildings and Operations
    • Brings together librarians, library workers, and design professionals to analyze, discuss, and share information related to academic, public, and school library buildings, equipment, and furnishings. Topics addressed include, but are not limited to, library site selection; building planning and architecture; library furniture and equipment; interior design; maintenance and security of buildings and property; disaster recovery.
  • Leadership and Management
    • Provides librarians and library staff from any positional level or library type who desire to impact the broader profession a space to connect around the fundamental proficiencies and knowledge necessary to lead a successful organization. We explore and develop members’ skills to create an inspiring vision, motivate people, and manage complex projects.
  • Metadata and Collections
    • Addresses and improves all aspects of acquisitions, cataloging, collections, continuing resources, metadata, preservation, reformatting, and technical services in all types of libraries. Examples of our work include, but are not limited to, sharing best practices and knowledge in work areas that support collections and discovery; identifying best practices for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the development and description of collections; creation and input on standards and best practices for selection, acquisition, description, access, and preservation of information resources; preservation of both print, media, and digital resources.
  • Preservation
    • Provides preservation and conservation library workers, archivists, rare collections managers, and those working in museums and institutions with special collections an opportunity to discuss principles, standards, and best practices for collecting, organizing, reformatting, and preserving all types of library materials in a variety of institutions and taking the lead in applying new technologies to assure continued access to library collections. We provide advocacy tools that our members can use to explicate the crucial importance of the tasks they perform in their archives, libraries, institutions, and museums.
  • Technology
    • Includes anyone in libraries, archives, museums, and information-related organizations interested in leading edge technology and applications for librarians and information providers, everyone from absolute beginners to hi-tech professionals. We address the planning, development, design, application, and integration of technologies within the library and information environment, the impact of emerging technologies on library service, and the effect of automated technologies on people.

Presentation Opportunities

Session – Concurrent sessions will be held on Friday and Saturday. Session presentations will be 45 minutes in length with 15 minutes for introduction and Q&A. Presenters are required to present in-person and register at the discounted presenter rate.

Preconference – Half-Day (3-4 hours) or Full-Day (5-6 hours) preconferences and tours will be held on Thursday. Presenters are required to present in-person and a modest honorarium will be offered.

Poster – The poster session offers the opportunity to share and promote work, research, and ideas across the Forum’s content areas identified in the bulleted list above. Print poster presentations will be available throughout the Forum, with special time reserved during the 2-day event for participants to ask questions and engage in chat conversation with the presenters.

We encourage diversity in presenters from a wide range of backgrounds, libraries, and experiences. We deliberately seek and strongly encourage submissions from underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, the LGBTQA+ community, and people with disabilities. We also strongly encourage submissions from public, school, and special libraries.

Vendors wishing to submit a proposal should partner with a library representative who is evaluating/using the product or service.

Presenters will submit final presentation slides and/or electronic content (video, audio, etc.) to be made available online following the event. Presenters will be able to register at a discounted rate and participate in the Forum as attendees.

The 2023 Forum will be held 19-21 October 2023 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.
Registration will open in April. Watch the Core Forum website for program announcements and join the list for ongoing Forum updates.

Registration will open in April. Watch the Core Forum website for program announcements and join the list for ongoing Forum updates.

Proposals for the 2022 Core Forum are now closed.

For questions, contact the Forum Planning Co-Chairs or Core Staff:
Amanda Click, Core Forum Planning Committee Co-Chair, click@usna.edu
Meggan Houlihanm, Core Forum Planning Committee Co-Chair, mhoulihan@bard.edu
Julie Reese, Core Interim Executive Director, jreese@ala.org
Tom Ferren, Interim Director of Leadership & Learning, tferren@ala.org